War Games
posted: March 18, 2010
Tis the season of battling donkeys and elephants, thanks to the health care debate. This illustrates an article that made a puzzling analogy to WWII, hence the tanks and map. My anthropomorphic characters are getting mangier looking with each drawing.
The sketches always have more vitality.
randy enos March 18, 2010
Nice sketch...super details. The drawing is splendid. you do mangy very well.
Gothard March 18, 2010
Mangy is my new niche in the marketplace. Thank you, Sir Randall.
Steve Wacksman March 18, 2010
Nice one, David. I really honed in on the texture in the elephant's skin; that's spectacular. Reminds me of that famous engraving of a rhino - Durer's Rhinoceros.
Gothard March 18, 2010
Thanks, Wax. The first time I ever saw Durer's Rhinoceros, it was on display at the NY public library and it blew my mind. Every once in a while you stand before a work of art and it changes you forever.
Brian Stauffer March 18, 2010
I always love the quality of your brush line work.
Walter Vasconcelos March 18, 2010
Powerful image. I agree with Brian, great brush line work.
Mark Fisher March 19, 2010
The contrast of the colors/grays and did anyone mention brushwork!?
J.D. King March 19, 2010
War: what's good for? Nothin', except illos like these.
Robert Saunders March 19, 2010
Great drawing, David, with that unmistakable confidence in your line.
Victor Juhasz March 19, 2010
Fun drawing. Really like the sketch too.
Stephen Kroninger March 19, 2010
dig that crazy elephant hide!
Scott Bakal March 20, 2010
Nice image, David!
Gothard March 20, 2010
Thanks all, for the gracious comments.