Most Unusual Working Conditions
posted: April 16, 2010
I got caught in Philly yesterday with no art supplies or technology, when the Wall Street Journal called with a quick turnover assignment about the Immigration Bill. I had roughly an hour or two, so I sketched on the back of a map and sent it via Blackberry. With the green light at hand, I sped to Utrecht for ink & brush, watercolor and paper to execute the final art. Then where to draw? Perhaps a pub or Starbucks, but neither has a Mac and scanner. I called upon the venerable University of the Arts, and declared myself a teacher at Pratt (kindred spirits) and threw myself upon their mercy. The Illustration Dept. office manager and chairman were very gracious and the experience was like the next best thing to working in my own studio. thank you to all concerned!
Leo Espinosa April 16, 2010
Thanks for posting this, David! Working like that makes you feel like you are in a special mission or something, right? It has happened to me a couple of times. Once when I was out west skiing and another time caught me south of the border :) Getting a good camera is like getting a portable scanner, trust me. Now, don't touch that immigration bill, I bet it has foreign cooties, ew!
Larry Ross April 16, 2010
Great story, David! I'll bet those folks in the illustration department thought it was cool to have you there in their facility doing something for the Wall Street Journal. It's a story I'm sure they'll always enjoy telling. I'd think this illustration was terrific under any circumstances but knowing how you pulled it off makes it even better.
Drew Friedman April 16, 2010
Yes, great story!
Kyle T Webster April 16, 2010
We sure have unusual jobs! This drawing is very smart and very funny. Nice!
Yuko April 16, 2010
It's a great story especially students and aspiring artists can learn a lot from. may be we should do a Drawger post series of the most unusual work situation we ever had to face. I have a pretty good story too. I think so does everyone here :-)
Rob Dunlavey April 17, 2010
Nice one!
Mark Fisher April 17, 2010
Good story David.
Gothard April 17, 2010
Thanks, everyone. I must admit that I enjoyed the adrenaline driven process of working under improvised conditions and tight time constraints. Yuko - it would be an interesting community post where we all related difficult and unusual circumstances. Do it!
David G Klein April 18, 2010
I never go out of town without my laptop and scanner. You make me feel like such a wuss. LOL
Harry Campbell April 19, 2010
I like these stories. Since I'm all Mac I don't have so much trouble working out of pocket. We should start a thread like that. "going mobile" Nice piece too, a true pro.