A blast from Halloween past...
posted: September 19, 2006
Time warp....this is an early job that brought a good deal of attention (1982 - checkitout!). I was repped by a legend in his day - Ted Riley, who passed away shortly after this date. Ted was furious with me - post job - because the editor called and asked for the original art (as a gift!), and I agreed. Hey, I was still pretty green! Ted was big on selling the original art - no gifts. The biz was then run by his nephew Whit Stillman (now of independent film fame - Metropolitan, Barcelona, etc.). He used it on all the promos. That was the last of my positive agent experience.
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Edel Rodriguez September 19, 2006
1982— touched a girl's hand for the first time while square dancing in 4th grade, and she was American— a great year. Nice pumpkins, the sinister Gothard is there.