Another rush job bull
posted: September 21, 2006
Assignment: A good economy powered by companies using symbols and slogans. Well, I just had to have some fun with this. Here's my solution. For all of you tired of lookin at my dark, brooding, topical pictures.....the lighter side of Gothard.
Edel Rodriguez September 21, 2006
What's that pig doing to that bull?
David Gothard September 21, 2006
Oh, I get it....the long slender dragster rising up, and what's that Clintonesque touch in the pig's mouth...a stogie? To say nothing of the questionable positioning of the beasts (Kama Sutra sitting position # 46 ?), or the kinky Harley S&M lingerie. Say no more. Once again, Gothard's work is fraught with sexual inuendo. Don't let him out of the studio...he's a menace to society!!!! DG PS: Thanks, all.
Zina Saunders September 21, 2006
Ha! Love it! But what's the pig's tattoo say? I keep seeing it as reading, "I Pork Marge." Who's Marge?
David Gothard September 21, 2006
Zina- I love pork "shares". Stocks & bonds. DG