The Attack on Women
posted: March 19, 2012
A quick turn over illo on the recent spate of attacks on women, in the media, for the WSJ.
There was a specific request to have the victim wear an expression of resignation. I had to supress tthe urge to sketch the obvious - a look of horror.
Mark Fisher March 19, 2012
Great pose and turned head.
Steve Brodner March 19, 2012
It IS a WAR ON WOMEN. Great piece. Play it again David.
Mike Moran March 21, 2012
Right to the point. Great job,Dave.
Bettina Barbier January 29, 2014
Great post and great illustration. I'm reading an expression of profound disgust - which I'd find entirely appropriate. Am I merely projecting? Either way, extremely well done, thanks.
Klara January 28, 2017
Wow. Worth a thousand words.