HEROES AND VILLIANS; a tale of friendship
posted: November 6, 2006
A weekend ago was a birthday to remember. Randy and Leann Enos, James and Guzzy Grashow, visited bearing gifts of art and renewed vows of friendship. How many times is one cast in art as a heroe, by a heroe? My first selfish impulse was to hang this very personalized art above my drawing board, where only I and a few random visitors could enjoy it.'s just too damn good not to share. S o here I am, chucking paint brushes at villians, and tending to my garden of loved ones. If one measures his or her life by the quality of friends, then I am truly blessed.
Christoph Hitz November 6, 2006
I agree with You, some of my most treasured artworks are by my friends. It's a reminder of fine artists and time well spend. Randall got that eyebrow down and James reminds You that You have to winterize Your roses. Thanks for sharing.
Zina Saunders November 6, 2006
Wow. Lucky you, to have such generous, loving and talented friends. And happy birthday!
Hal Mayforth November 6, 2006
Happy Birthday, David. I heard through the grapevine about the occasion. You keep the company of good people. H.
David Gothard November 6, 2006
Thanks Hal, Zina, Christoph Am I gonna see you all tomorrow? I hope, I hope.... DG
jeff moores November 7, 2006
Wow! an original from the ol' master. One hell of a birthday present! Wish I could make down to the city, but sorry, not this time. :^( Have fun! Skoal to all! Where are you in PA? I might drive by your place on the way down from western NY. Maybe we can hook up for a trip into the city?