posted: November 9, 2006
Alex Murawski November 9, 2006
Nice Donkey!
Robert Saunders November 9, 2006
Yeah, baby! Nice image indeed, and a very accurate rendering of the elephant, too. That "5 Senate Ton" weight may become a full-fledged 6-Senate Ton weight if George Allen concedes victory in Virginia soon. Fingers crossed! This election has been incredible.
Zina Saunders November 9, 2006
This is great, David. It looks so heavy! Great drawing, very clever idea.
David Gothard November 9, 2006
Thanks Alex, Robert, and Z(eye)ina, This was just one of a stream of quick sketches in response to the joyous election results. It was great meeting so many drawgers at the society Tuesday night, ....the icing on the cake was driving home at 1:30am and listening to the returns on the radio. Slept like a baby. DG
Mike Moran November 9, 2006
Nice! Any plans on doing it in color?
David Gothard November 9, 2006
Hey Mike- Dunno if I will ever go to finish on any of these, they are kinda of the moment. Deadlines before pleasure.
Richard A Goldberg November 9, 2006
You said "these". Are there others? Your fans want to see them. Nice ass.
David Gothard November 9, 2006
RAG- I jest picked the best of 'em for this post...but thanks for the interest.
Larry Ross November 9, 2006
LOL, Dave!!!!! I can see you inspired by the election returns! These are great fun and I love the spontaneous quality.