This one's for RAG
posted: November 9, 2006
David Bamundo November 9, 2006
love this david! thanks to flaherty for the reference material posted in the speakeasy
David Gothard November 9, 2006
Disclaimer: Women of Drawger...I'm not disrespecting and will probably get kicked around the house by my wife/daughter team for this, so please go easy on me.
David Gothard November 9, 2006
Yeah - as usual, it's HIS fault! I'm a visual guy...what cn I say?
rag November 9, 2006
I'll take a bullet for Dave on this one.
Robert Saunders November 10, 2006
Attaboy, Rich. After all, what are friends for?
Shelly Lorenzo November 15, 2006
Dave, I love it...and I am not feeling at all disrespected...!!