Sculpture Finished
posted: March 23, 2006
"Six Horsemen of the Apocalypse" or "A Half Dozen Really Bad Ideas"...
I got an education in the do's & don't's of bonding glass on this one. In the end these fellows are permanent fixtures. This makes the latest in a series of anti war sculptures. On to the next......
Josh McKible March 23, 2006
Nice work. Where did you find the little glass bomb? You didn't blow/cast the separate glass pieces yourself did you? Do the death heads light up?
David Gothard March 24, 2006
Hey Josh- Thanks. I acquired a box full of old lab equipment from a defunct laboratory recently, so in answer to your question...I didn't blow the glass myself, nor would I have a clue how to. Here's the breakdown....The body of the dragster is a distilling tube I (and my plaster artist friend, Jim) filled with black plaster (to simulate oil), the hats are test tubes (also filled with black plaster). The bombs (5 total) are salt & pepper shakers I found at a flea market last summer. I filled them with ground synthetic rubber from my daughter's flat tire episode (don't ask). The front wheels are candle holders with salt shakers inserted and fixed onto the axle (brass pipe fitting). The rear wheels are coasters. The base is beveled plexiglass. I made a clay form in the shape of Iraq and poured red & black latex house paint in the middle and let the happy accidents occur. I'd been thinkin about this piece for well over a month before I actually began executing it. I asked a lot of technical questions of friends, and by the time I started, it was all worked out in my head. I won't even begin unless I have a clear sense of how it all comes together. Then, magically, it does come together like it was meant to be. Sadly, the heads don't light up...the bulbs are more suggestive of the "bad idea" theme. Am working on a separate piece that is electrical and where the head's will light. DG