posted: December 14, 2006
I've been shackled to the drawing board this last week, finishing this piece for the upcoming "Sequential Art" show at St. John's University, in Queens, NY. It's the first time my Ink & a Brush with Death series will be shown as a body of work. This drawing is titled "Reluctant Man-O-War" and measures 28"X36", and is a more personal statement on the situation in Iraq.
The inspiration for the pose came from a life drawing I did a while back. There was something about the face and posture that captured the feeling I was attempting to convey in this piece.
Brandon December 14, 2006
Egad David! This is a wonderful piece. This would be great as a print.
Zina Saunders December 14, 2006
O lord, David. Just positively fabulous. Gorgeous. Beautiful color and your line sings. Opera! When is the show and exactly where? Please give the details; I can't wait to go.
Peter Cusack December 14, 2006
Nice David! Send us all the info. My father is actually a professor there. In the business school! Go Red Men!
Adam McCauley December 14, 2006
Very cool, and very weird David! Great idea.
David Gothard December 14, 2006
Brandon- smaller prints would be nice. I'm not used to wrestling a 28X36" drawing into a matt & frame. Zina - Thank you! Music (opera) to my ears. Peter(& Zina) - I'll post show particulars when we get closer to the dates. thanks for the interest. Adam- Thanks. Weird sounds good, after illustrating articles on money markets, hedge funds, etc. the last few days.
J.D. King December 15, 2006
Really nice color and detail!
randy December 15, 2006
Beautiful work as usual pal. An intriguing image.....nice life drawing too.
Christoph Hitz December 15, 2006
David, I had to come back and study Your drawing again. How did You come up with the mixed armer outfit and the yellow coloration in particular around the eyes? I tried to find the "Sequential Art" show at St. John's University and reluctantly try to make sense of the title. It's Gothard gone wild...
David Gothard December 15, 2006
Thankyee JD & Randall. Cristoph- Thanks. I have an armor fetish. There it is, I've come out. I deliver the art tomorrow (12/16), but the show opens sometime in January. They are doing podcasts so I'll point you in the right direction when I have the info. DG