The Studio
posted: December 21, 2006
A while back, there was a flurry of Drawgers posting pics of their studios. I missed that boat, but am taking the time now to give the tour.

My studio is located about 100ft. diagonally behind our house. It has a long unlikely history in it's 100 years of existence. First it was built as a chicken coup and later converted into an auto fixit shop. Then in the 60's, it was a wood shop. When we took over, I gutted it and put the 2 large windows and skylight in for light. The only regret is that I did not install the windows on the pool side. It's a comfortable, functioning environment.
A view of the house from the studio....
View of studio's entrance and brooklyn traffic light....
Summer view from the hill, of pool, corner of studio and house beyond....
A short clip from the studio, prepared for a St. John's Univ. podcast can be viewed at:
Christian Slade December 21, 2006
Nice space David! Environment helps out a lot when creating... looks like a enjoyable place to be creative!
Zina Saunders December 21, 2006
Dave, may I please use your studio from now on? It's beautiful! And so's your studio assistant!
David G Klein December 21, 2006
Just trying to make the rest of us feel bad?
Tim O'Brien December 21, 2006
Hey, some of that pack rat look is very familiar!
Leo Espinosa December 21, 2006
I want a couch for Christmas! And a pool!
J.D. King December 21, 2006
WHOA!!! Killer studio!!! You and Robert Hunt! The killer studios!
Barry Edwards December 21, 2006
Do you have your traffic light rigged up where it's red when you're not to be disturbed?
Alex Murawski December 21, 2006
David, Nice place... pool, couch, dog, space and green things to look at. Seems like a great place to work and play.
Robert Saunders December 21, 2006
Wow...what's beautiful in these is all the nature surrounding you. I see even a couple beehives/wasp nests, presumably dormant now.
Christoph Hitz December 21, 2006
Looks like a comfortable studio to me. Great day light, a lemon tree with a smelly studio companion. I could stop by in spring with my DeWalt demo saw and we cut that opening for the pool window in no time. The rooster needs a studio with a pool view...
Adam McCauley December 21, 2006
Great space David, what a wonderful luxury! I'd love to have big windows overlooking a big yard, not to mention a seperate studio building. Thanks for posting...
Edel Rodriguez December 21, 2006
Dave, great to see your place, looks great, nice light and greenery. Hey, are you left handed? Just wondering since all the paints are on the left?
David Gothard December 21, 2006
Thanks all. I hope to have you as guests at this year's pool party. I've added a clip from the studio.
David Gothard December 21, 2006
Hah, Edel...keen observation. I'm right handed and I've been meaning to change that setup for years. Truth is, most of the time I have the handheld palettes right up under my nose.
Joe Ciardiello December 21, 2006
Nice work space David. Beautiful property.
David Gothard December 21, 2006
Thanks Joe. You're just down river a ways. I have a canoe. I'm coming to get you for a visit this summer. Dave
Joe Ciardiello December 21, 2006
I'll be waiting
randy December 22, 2006
Hey!!! I recognize this place. Looks like a real artist's studio......looks like a guy that works hard too.
Mark Fisher December 22, 2006
David, That's a studio one could spend countless comfortable hours in, and I am sure you have. Very nice. Give a belly rub to bowser for me.
Mike Moran December 22, 2006
Pat will be snow boarding around you in Jan. I'll have to stop by.
David Gothard December 22, 2006
I'll be waiting
Peter Cusack December 22, 2006
Wow great studio, Nice Pool. Looks like its well lived in.
Stephen Kroninger March 11, 2007
Man, you have the good life.