A Christmas Tradition
posted: December 26, 2006
The Gothard household, ready to receive guests through the main doors....
Each year, our big event is to host a dinner party for family and friends alike, on Christmas Eve. This year, the guest list rounded out at 25. My goal is to create a magical atmosphere in which everyone can relax and revel in one another's company.
Each place setting is designated with a cutout. This year's theme..."The Gothard Circus". Drawger Jos. A. smith sits here.
Our son, dylan, lights the 100 plus candles before the guests arrive.
With everyone in full attendance, the feast begins. Mrs. G, in the left side of this pic, finally gets to relax.
Afterwards, good conversation continues through the night.
Meanwhile the cleanup crew breaks down and our house is restored to ,'s original chaos.
Post dinner, the kids retreat to the guest room, where they pile onto the couch, and hopefully, another warm memory is established.
Robert Saunders December 26, 2006
David, Thanks for the glimpse of inside the Gothard household over the holiday. It's an incredible effort you go to...well worth it, too, I'm sure. The "Gothard Circus" is wild!
Zina Saunders December 26, 2006
It looks grogeous, David! Wish I were there!
Larry Ross December 26, 2006
Dave, That looks like one warm jolly holly Christmas Eve with friends and family! Thanks for sharing the joy. Larry
David Goldin December 26, 2006
Your place looks beautiful. I'm playing with sheetrock in our mudroom. Warmest regards to you and your family.
randy December 26, 2006
Wish I had been there my friend.....perhaps next year....I'll bring tall tales to tell. The house looks guys know how to celebrate!
David Gothard December 26, 2006
Randy - Good. I have plenty of headshots of you & Leann screaming to be photoshoped into next year's xmas eve place setting theme. Will see you there. You too Zina! Thanks to Robert, Larry and David. Dave
Mark Fisher December 30, 2006
David it looks so warm and cozy. Happy New Year.