posted: December 28, 2006
Today, I juggled gratis work with my deadlines. This is the poster art for my daugher's high school play. She is the lead (millie)  in "Thoroughly Modern Millie".  They requested something simple and  eye catching, so I  used the single figure and a bright palette. There will be a great deal of text added to the top and bottom, so it will undoubtedly get busy.  i forgot how difficult it is to control watercolor on such large (15 X 22), saturated paper.
Photo reference of my daughter, Anna....
randy December 29, 2006
Beautiful beautiful job for a beautiful actress. Break a leg Anna.
Heidi Schmidt December 29, 2006
Ha! I just closed a production of TMMillie. I played Miss. Flannery. Take a look at my picture on the Who's Here page. Fun show. Your daughter will have a blast!
Zina Saunders December 29, 2006
A beautiful poster, indeed. Love the light blue shadows, and palette in general. The closeup of the figure is so great to see, with all the character of the line and texture so accessible. I wish we could always have closeups and pullbacks of all our work, when it was printed!
Rob Dunlavey December 29, 2006
This is a very celebratory offering Dave. I drool over your line work and I love the close up of the color on Anna/Millie's face. That iconic pose with the arms outstreched is tough to get right. You want the extension but if the proportions are off just a little it is apparent. Good luck with all the juggling!
Hal Mayforth December 29, 2006
That's some masterful watercolor there, David. You've got some great passages in this piece. like in the face. Flesh to yellow to green to blue. No easy feat. H
Tim O'Brien December 29, 2006
Great poster. I can't imagine how motivating it is to do a poster of a play your daughter has the lead in and is featured on. Very cool.
John Dykes December 29, 2006
Nice piece, David! Love both the W/C and that lyrical line of yours.... Good luck, Anna!
Jim Paillot December 29, 2006
Love the line work and her top/skirt combo. Great stuff. That is so cool that you get to do the poster for the very play that she has the lead role in.
Peter Cusack December 29, 2006
Wow! Beautiful Poster!!! You can really feel her throwing up her hands with joy! Thanks for adding the photo ref too!!! Great job.
Mike Moran December 29, 2006
What a Dad! Anna should be proud of you and you should be proud of Anna. I know you are.
J.D. King December 29, 2006
What lucky kids! What a lucky school!
Larry Ross December 29, 2006
Dave, I agree with eveything that has been said! It's an excellent piece of work. Right up there with some of the best Broadway posters I've seen. I've often felt your work (especially the way you handle the figure) has a dramatic, expressive quality to it that would lend itself to the theatre. The costume and the lamp evoke the era perfectly. Break a leg, Anna! Larry
David Gothard December 29, 2006
Thanks all, for the warm comments. It IS a great opportunity to create the very poster for my daughter's senior performance. Of course, the gratis art work will probably follow her throughout her college theatre years. DG
David Goldin December 29, 2006
Break a leg Anna! DG that is one BeaUtifullllll poster.
David Gothard December 29, 2006
DG- Thank you, sir. -DG
Jos. A Smith January 1, 2007
Really fine, Dave! And for all you drawgers who haven't seen some of Dave's other "gratis" art for Anna's plays - his stage curtain painting (art on a grand scale) or the set for Guys and Dolls are absolute knockouts. If Dylan's basketball courts or soccer fields needed art, we probably wouldn't ever see Dave's work in print. He wouldn't have time. That's the kind of father he is...lucky kids.