Punch the cop, Judy the judge
posted: February 23, 2007
Just don't get stopped for a traffic violation in L.A. as this image illustrates. This cover art was for the LATimes on the kangaroo courts, where never a ticket is overturned, police lie and judges rubber stamp.

I'm adding puppets to my list of favorite things to draw. Feel free to list YOUR  faves.

1- skeletons
2- dragons
3- puppets
randy February 23, 2007
I love this. The reddish color on Puch and Judy is superb. A beauty....for our friend Tom Trapnell no doubt.
Larry Ross February 23, 2007
Ditto on the red, Dave! The color on this piece really comes to life. I like how you've left so much white and not painted everything in. And the puppets are fun!
Zina Saunders February 23, 2007
Love it! That long thin scary nose, and murderous glee in the judge's eye...the beseeching figure! Your work is so full of emotion and beauty.
David Gothard February 23, 2007
Thanks, friends. I can always count on you to see the things I want you to see. Dave
A.Richard Allen February 23, 2007
David, I'm glad you said dragons! I've been poring over your beautiful artwork in your galleries and was really struck by the dragons- it's obvious that you take pleasure from doing them: there's something about their shapes that is almost the embodiment of your style: characterful, dynamic, fluid and playful with a hint of menace.
Peter Hermann February 24, 2007
I absolutely love the lying cop (well at least in this excellent drawing). You should do a drawing of a dragon skeleton with a bunch of puppies in it's belly, finally being abel to escape to stuffed freedom. I'm sure you would knock our socks of. my favourite things to draw: faces, people, weird animals.
David Flaherty February 24, 2007
Looks like that chappie is about to be skewered Dave! thanks for Sharing.
Mark Fisher February 24, 2007
David, nice, the bars of the stage work in well. I like drawing pyramids, a bomb blasts and tentacles.