Why I love Watercolor
posted: March 12, 2007
Appearingin in today's WSJ, I decided to render this piece (about extremists aquiring more media coverage than ever) in watercolor, sans ink. I knew that i wanted the successive layers of wash to dictate how and where the heads would emerge. As the swirls of color were applied, I looked for an eye here, a mouth there, until the strands of smoke disappeared, leaving only anguished heads behind. This is the beauty of the medium, the transparency allowing for so many levels of color and depth.
robert hunt March 12, 2007
Dale Stephanos March 12, 2007
Holy Shiite! Really nice piece here.
J.D. King March 12, 2007
df March 12, 2007
Great image David. Nice to see a story about Fox news!
Zina Saunders March 12, 2007
Great, great painting, so expressive and full of emotion and intelligence; and what an amazing combination to achieve.
Larry Ross March 12, 2007
Awesome, Dave! I always love your usual style but this is a very successful departure and a nice description of the process.
Christian Slade March 12, 2007
Beautiful! A great painting.
Leo Espinosa March 12, 2007
It really creeps me out, David; If I stare at it the glow of the screen almost makes the whole thing float. Good thing I don't watch TV.
David G Klein March 13, 2007
It's a beauty.
laura levine March 13, 2007
wow, that's really something!! very special.
Peter Hermann March 13, 2007
holy crap this is good. brilliant idea and truly exceptional execution. I bet this looked damn sweet along side the text columns in the WSJ.
Mark Fisher March 13, 2007
David, Wow!
randy March 13, 2007
As I said before this is a spectacular piece. I love the sensitive color washes. I always admire someone who can handle watercolor because I never could. This is too good for the paper....it's a masterpiece!
David Gothard March 13, 2007
Thanks all, for the more than generous comments!
Jos. A. Smith March 14, 2007
Beautiful!!! and not one ink line in the whole image! You keep adding new facets to the gem.
Mike Moran March 15, 2007
I love this David. You did a wonderful job.