My Armor Fetish
posted: March 15, 2007
My two contributions to this interesting show on artist's take on armor at the Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College, Easton, PA.

I've always been interested in the imaginitive designs for metal as it conforms to the human (or animal) form.
Amour d’ Armor: Fear, Fantasy, and Fashion in the New Age
Historically, the function of armor has been protection, although during some eras, such as the Renaissance, its use was primarily ceremonial and as fashion. The need for protection has guided human inventiveness throughout history. In the complex modern age, our desire for safety may be greater than ever, even as we realize the essential futility of warding off all dangers, real or imagined. In the quest for protection, contemporary inventors and artists alike have created wildly inventive devices that fuse practicality, fantasy, paranoia, and fashion. This exhibition will explore recent “armor,” from the fantastic to the practical, in a collection of objects that reveal the obsessions of our age. Curated by Lafayette art historians Robert S. Mattison and Ida Sinkevic

Reception: Sunday, April 1, 4:30-6 p.m.
Carl Wiens March 15, 2007
David-- beautiful and poignant pieces! I think this is an excellent theme for our times and both of these are strong statements. Is the hummingbird as tiny and delicate as it appears in this photo?
David Gothard March 15, 2007
Thanks, Carl. In scale, the "Ruby Throated Warrior" is more like a pigeon. Dave
Zina Saunders March 15, 2007
Having seen the drawing in person at the show at St Johns, I can attest to its beauty and power up close. But now I want to go on another road trip to Lafayette College to see your armored bird! It looks fantastic! Is it tin? I love the little buckles on the side and those feet! And his ruby throat. I'd love to see it even closer up. Just amazing.
Randall Enos March 15, 2007
Great job pal. The man I had seen before but the bird is new to me. It puts me in mind of my dear departed friend Gene Hoffman's work. he also did some metal hammering and was a lover of armor.
Mike Moran March 15, 2007
Dave, I always love to look at your photos of the armored bird. I never had the chance to see it at any of your shows. What did you make it with?
David Gothard March 15, 2007
Thanks Zina, Randy & Mike. Mike...the body is carved in wood and the armor is 300 pound handmade paper cut into patterns, moistened, glued and painted to look like metal. Dave
Larry Ross March 15, 2007
I've seen pictures of the bird which I've always loved, it's incredible, but I don't recall seeing the man. That's a stunning image. This looks like it should be a very interesting and visually exciting show!