When not creating art on demand
posted: March 17, 2007
This one titled "NOCTURNE"...
I try to remain disciplined about using my "down time" constructively. Here is one in a series of non-illustration pieces I'm developing. Would love everyone's honest feedback, but am reluctant to reveal the process....just yet.
Rob Dunlavey March 17, 2007
I'm thinking, I'm thinking. Love abstract art… brushed metal… crimped…crinkled… colored somehow… photoshop?… color… depth… cosmos… ice… under the ice cap. Want to see more!
laura l. March 17, 2007
I'm seeing grass (from afar) and leaves (up close). Or maybe cow fur and leaves. But definitely leaves. The fallen off the tree sort, autumn ones.
Mark Fisher March 18, 2007
David, I would say you're photographing the surface of Neptune through your own link to the Hubble telescope.
Zina Saunders March 18, 2007
I'm not going to guess at your technique, but I can say that this piece has a dynamic and maybe painful or angry vibe: the slashes and jabs and tears. Maybe scars from past experiences? It seems so 3-D, it makes me want to see it as a sculpture almost. But it's so evocative to see it as a picture: mysterious and thought provoking. I'd say you're exploring some raw territory and I want to see more.
randy March 18, 2007
YES.....Zina always says it so well. Raw and vital....I like it.
Mike Moran March 18, 2007
Always searching, I admire that in you so much.
Leo Espinosa March 18, 2007
I like this experiment better than the one with the human figures because it allows more freedom of interpretation. Please don't ever reveal the process. It would (at least for me) loose a lot of its magic.
Jos. A Smith March 22, 2007
Your secret is safe with me. Good one, Dave.