Art in Nature...
posted: April 19, 2006
I make a regular habit of walking in our gardens w/camera in hand, during the summer months. Nancy inspired me to post this lucky pic (from last summer) of a dragonfly showing off it's ability to blend with the environment, choosing to light on a plant of the same color scheme.
Nancy Stahl April 19, 2006
Oh, wow..! That is beautiful..! And the clarity. Remember when images on the web were... gosh, I can't think of the work for it, bitmapped? well, broken up, pixelated? gifs. Anyway, thanks, it is a beautiful photo.
David Gothard April 19, 2006
...and that false eye lookin back atcha. Penetrating. He was hangin out in a patch of blue, green and red ornamental grasses, the same hues as make up his own coloring. It'll be tough to top this photo, this year. DG
Joseph Smith April 20, 2006
Dave, I've seen your camera. I didn't think a Brownie StarFlash was capable of this kind of detail. Who really took it? Joe
David Gothard April 20, 2006
Hah! Joe's humor - get used to it! For all those of you that might actually like to know what camera was used....Olympus SLR E300 8.0 Megapixel camera. It takes images at 314 DPI, so the files are large and the detail is extraordinary. I now use it to photograph my larger illos as the scanner bed is so limiting. DG