Micro Spots
posted: June 19, 2007
These mini illos appear in the current issue of Newsweek. They illustrate a lengthy article on coping with Alzheimers disease and were commissioned in B&W as the original idea was to create the feel of an old medical dictionary. Each postage stamp sized spot serves as a chapter marker.
Richard Allen June 19, 2007
You're back! The plug/ socket image is masterful
Zina Saunders June 19, 2007
The death of my mother from Alzheimer's in the Fall make these particularly poignant for me. Wonderful images. It's very good to have you back, Dave.
Adam McCauley June 19, 2007
Love the retro feel, David. These look great. Cool to see you post again. Zina, so sorry to hear about your mother, Alzheimers is a tough one to see happen to a loved one.
Robert Saunders June 19, 2007
David, glad to see you back...I imagine the teaching kept you pretty busy.
David Gothard June 19, 2007
Thanks all. Yes...teaching, daily deadlines, daughter graduating, campus visits, etc. etc. But most of you have equally busy lives, so no excuses. Just glad to be back. DG
Tim O'Brien June 19, 2007
Great ideas here. Love them. Welcome back
Larry Ross June 20, 2007
Really nice ideas and drawings. Great to see your work on Drawger again!
Rob Dunlavey June 20, 2007
Dave, Such good solid work. Mmmmmm... I could look at your stuff all day. Congratulations on all the transitions, jobs, etc! Welcome back!
Mike Moran June 22, 2007
My Dad had dementia so this hits home. Great drawing and concepts that you handled with care. Good to see you back and posting!