David Gothard

While on the subject of books...

APRIL 26, 2006
Ok, last post for awhile - gotta hit the boards. Krazy Kat has been mentioned a number ot times here, so I want to share one of my personal faves..."Archy & Mehitabal" by Don Marquis,illos by Herriman. I picked it up at a second hand bookshop back when I first began drooling all over my sneakers whilst looking at Krazy Kat....fer 50 cents!!! The original copyright is 1927, my copy is ©1944. It's prolifically illustrated (drawings not found elsewhere) and is a hoot to read. Kat & Ignatz are here transformed into the characters of Archy & Mehitabel. Nope, sorry, not loaning this out. You'll have to drop by the studio if you wanna spend some time with it.