an ENOS fourth of July
posted: July 5, 2007
Along with my son, Dylan, and his girlfriend, Sam, we traversed four state lines to spend the Fourth of July with Randy & Leann Enos at their home/studio/horse farm in Connecticut.

Here, Randy is proudly displaying the catch of the day. It's not uncommon for Randy to follow a horse, bucket outstretched , as it relieves itself... in an effort to catch poop midair before it spoils the immaculately kept arena. Meanwhile, Dylan & Sam get acquainted with various parts of a horse's anatomy.
After a few quick lessons by consummate riding instructor, Leann, Sam was galloping off on her own.
All creatures great and small, are welcomed at the Enos ranch.
Randy & Bri (Musey) strut arm & arm to the house to prepare a sumptuous lunch, followed by a visit to Randy's subteranean studio. The walls are a visual feast and everywhere there is evidence of the rich life Randy lives through his art, family, friends, various collections and momentos from his long, successful career.
THE BLOCK WALL: The wall leading to the studio is lined with Randy's  lino blocks.  Many of these are discarded and never make to the wall, which i suggested to Randy ...might be considered a crime by most of us. I managed to wrestle this gorgeous original block from Randy, somewhere in between the flat file and the trash bin. I am mesmerized by the mandala like quality of it.  
After frolicking on the Westport beach for awhile, we enjoyed each other's conversation over dinner at a local Enos haunt. There is no fireworks display that can compare with the colorful, charismatic, gracious qualities of Randy and Leann Enos.
Michael Sloan July 5, 2007
David - Great post. Thanks for showing the Block Wall. It kills me that some of the blocks are trashed.
laura l. July 5, 2007
My goodness, that is the tidiest barn I have ever seen! p.s. what a nice life.....! lovely.
Christoph Hitz July 5, 2007
DG The photo of ranch boss Randy in his shorts with a bucket of black gardening gold is a riot.
randy July 5, 2007
We couldn't have had nicer guests. Thanks Dave, for implying to all the Drawgers and indeed all of the western and eastern world that I follow horses around with a bucket to catch their poop. That's totally ridiculous. I often use a muck rake to catch it. By the way, whose studio is that? It looks gorgeous. Ahhhhh the miracles of telephoto lenses. Glad you made it home all were tired.
Stephen Kroninger July 5, 2007
You mean there's a world beyond Greenwich Village? wonderful photos, David. I was also perusing your pics of Pennsylvania recently. That is sure one lovely place.
Marc July 5, 2007
Great post, and more wonderful insight into Randy's world, which looks like a great place to be. Thanks for sharing!
Zina Saunders July 5, 2007
Beautiful post, Dave. What a lovely world, to have all of you in it.
Hal Mayforth July 5, 2007
Thanks for the post, David. It sounds like you all had a great time. Love that block wall. You're THE MAN, Randy.
Robert Saunders July 5, 2007
Wow, what a nice spread—it's the farm that illustration built! Play any of those stringed instruments, Randy?
randy July 5, 2007
I play the 5-string banjo Robert........badly. But I just got a bunch of Lee Oskar mouth harps so watch out!!!
Cathie Bleck July 5, 2007
Thanks for sharing all the glory of almighty Randy! His blocks are a work of art unto themselves. You have a nice looking son David.
Mark Fisher July 5, 2007
David, What a wonderful fourth it must have been.
Wallace Fung July 6, 2007
Love the earring on the man. LOL
Nancy Stahl July 6, 2007
There are even barn swallows in the barn. How perfect..! Leann is impressive on horseback. Someone start an auction gallery so we can bid on Randy's discarded blocks.
the muse February 4, 2008
Thank you for taking that picture of the barn swallows. I'm borrowing it. I am writing a poem about it for my creative writing class and I needed that exact picture to remind me of the exact set up of their nests. I hope you are well and that Anna is enjoying Muhlenberg.