A Picture Perfect Day
posted: July 16, 2007
A gathering of Drawgers and Inxsters took place on my turf this past Saturday under blue skies and perfect swimming conditions. We ate, drank, laughed and swam. The goal of having a relaxing day was acheived.
flabbermiester July 16, 2007
Ha ha! Look at Randy J! Sorry I missed it DG!
Zina Saunders July 16, 2007
The party looks very fun; I wish I could have gone!
Nancy Stahl July 16, 2007
Ummm... just thinking that some illustrators spend EVERY day in such splendor has my head spinning. Wish I could have been there.
Mark Fisher July 17, 2007
David, Looks like it was a fun day, man that pool looks inviting! TheT shirt on Mike M is quite striking.
Christoph Hitz July 17, 2007
DG, Looks like You hosted this party in Florida with Your tall plants and park like settings. Darn, I missed a great party....
Dale Stephanos July 17, 2007
David, that looks like a great time. It makes all the work that goes into these spaces worth it, doesn't it? I especially love the beer cooler that's shaped like a swimming pool.
David Gothard July 17, 2007
Zina & Nancy- We wish you were here too. The best thing about creating a personal paradise is receiving friends into it. Mark- Mike proudly announced he was wearing a Fisher original. Christoph- The amazing thing about living in this region is that for a brief window of time the landscape does sport the lushness of Florida. However there are 3 stages we must go through before we can enjoy the summer again and I would not trade that experience for any climate. Dale - Agreed. Yeah - what an original concept...a beer cooler you cn swim in. DG
Edel Rodriguez July 17, 2007
DG, thanks for having us, had a great time! I have to find more time to control my plants.
Joe Ciardiello July 17, 2007
A beautiful place to spend a tranquil afternoon. Thanks Dave.
Mike Moran July 17, 2007
What a fun day. The company was great and the food was FANTASTIC. Plus I got to show off my new Mark Fisher t-shirt to the gang. Thanks David!
Stephen Kroninger July 17, 2007
I gotta learn how to drive. Looks like a great time in sunny Pennsylvania.
David Gothard July 17, 2007
Edel, Joe & Mike...It was a great day indeed. Due mostly to all of you having been there. Thanks. SK- how ever did you make it through your teen years in PA without driving? Out here, pedestrians are as good as roadkill. But that doesn't stop me from walking the roads. DG
Stephen Kroninger July 17, 2007
David---Honestly, girls. Their Father's bought them cars, gas and insurance and for some odd reason they liked to take me along for the rides. No romance, just rides. I did a lot of walking back then too. Pennsylvania has some beautiful country and lots of barely traveled back roads. I grew up in the sticks. I used to walk for hours without seeing anyone except the occasional car zipping by.
Brian Stauffer July 18, 2007
I WANT THIS! If I rent a huge bus, will you all come down here to Miami? I'm so lonely and Edel only comes down every other year!
Jos..A. Smith July 20, 2007
Dave, as always, it was a great day among equally enjoyable people. Edel's double back flips had us all speechless, and when Randy Enos held his breath and sat on the bottom of the deep end of the pool for 15 minutes the tension could have been cut with a knife. I just felt bad that by the time he came up for air we had all drifted over to the food tent again. Don't you get a bang out of the competitive side of creative people?