Midsummer's Influence
posted: July 28, 2007
For the great Tom Trapnell, on summer camps for rich kids...where they learn how to not squander their inheritance....
I find that whatever activities I'm engaged in at the moment tend to work their way into the images I create. Naturally, the summer months are when I spend a great deal of time outdoors gardening, swimming , biking, etc. The following images are a spate of summer themes turned out in this past week.
Today's WSJ front page (Pursuits) on the surge in trading stocks....
And for the Leisure & Arts section on literature and poetry and their dependance upon financial support....
randy July 28, 2007
The Concept King strikes again.....and again.....and again. Nice job on all but that top one is a real winner.
Bill Blatherwick July 28, 2007
Pure genius. This is why you are one of the true greats.
Zina Saunders July 29, 2007
What's particularly impressive about your work is that the concepts don't look forced at all. Everything looks entirely natural, that it flowed directly from you heart and brain and brush (or is it a pen?) Beautiful work.
Robert Saunders July 29, 2007
David, Your evenness, balance, and fluidity in executing your great concept makes me want to quit the business. As Zina said, nothing looks forced here. It's a number 1 brush, right, David?
Larry Ross July 29, 2007
Nice to see you're having a gret summer and work-wise! ...Terrific concepts and execution.
J.D. King July 30, 2007
Busy boy! Go outside and play!
David Gothard July 30, 2007
Randy - takes one ta know one, my friend. Mr. Blatherwick - what a great Dickensian name - thanks for the generous comment. Zina- this is what I aim for, and exactly why I switched to a brush/ink. Thank you for feeling as though I have acheived it. Robert- Not so fast...your work has the same qualities. I work with a #3 Performen 120 Kolinsky from Germany. It is one of the few brushes that can take a beating yet remain intact. The #3 allows for a wide range of broad to thin lines. Larry- My daily summer routine attempts to take full advantage of the good between the deadlines. Thanks for the warm words. JD - The beauty of what we do is....we are always at play.
Mark Fisher July 30, 2007
David, nice images, I've missed not seeing posts from you for a while.