Recent quickies...
posted: August 21, 2007
I'd like to post some long term projects I'm working on, but will have to wait. In the meantime...some ditties. The first illustrates the demise of bad horror films. As you can see, I had some fun with this. Apparently, sequels to slasher type flics are doing poorly at the box office. Hooray! The second image illustrates a book review and is about America's land grab to the Pacific Ocean during the administration of James Polk. The third image is about professors working in Iraq to bridge the gap between the military and the culture.
Richard A Goldberg August 21, 2007
Great lines as expected DG. I particularly like the strength of the B&W piece.
Zina Saunders August 21, 2007
Terrific, as always, Dave. My fave: the Cultured Warrior...he couldn't look any snootier!
Larry Ross August 21, 2007
3 really strong concepts and drawings, Dave! Can't pick a favorite. Love em all!
David Gothard August 21, 2007
Larry, Zina and RAG...thanks for the poz feedback. DG
Christoph Hitz August 21, 2007
DG, Love the gesture and concept on the last one, your execution on the hands is exceptional.
Tim O\'Brien August 21, 2007
THAT'S a hand!
Akira Fitton August 21, 2007
Dave- Great job as usual. Love all three but the first one really hit home with how Hollywood is just churning (vomiting as in your illo) out product these days.
Mike Moran August 22, 2007
I always love to see the humorous side in your work! The horror movie is a funny one. Great face. I see that Rob Zombie has remade Halloween. What's up with these remakes?? Three great concepts.
Bob Wolfe November 12, 2007
Buddy Dave: Hey! I'm a professor and I really like the military buzz cut look! You've inspired me, pal! I'm on my way to the barber right now! (obviously a "tongue-in-cheek" attempt at humor, old friend!) I do like the illustration, although I hope I don't appear that snooty!