posted: December 21, 2007
As is the nature of topical work, often assignments for the same subject flood in at once. Here are three different quickie illos on the same theme. Apologies to all the inhabitants of Drawgerland for my MIA. Good to be back.
Marc December 21, 2007
Nice work, David, and great to have you back—you were missed.
Rob Dunlavey December 21, 2007
Santa is real! Thanks for posting again! These look as if you're just getting warmed up and could go on for a long time working out the permutations.
Tim O\'Brien December 21, 2007
Hi David. Great to have you back here. Marc is right, you've been missed. This place is better with you a part of it. Regards, Tim
Zina Saunders December 21, 2007
Hooray, Dave's back! And with great illustrations beautifully conceived and drawn.
Adam McCauley December 21, 2007
Welcome back David. Lovely loose line-work and limited palette...
Leo Espinosa December 21, 2007
So glad to have you and your great eye back here, David.
David Gothard December 21, 2007
Thanks to all for your generous and warm comments. DG
Steve Wacksman December 21, 2007
Ah- welcome back, David. Good to see your beautiful, thoughtful and topical drawings once again.
Mark Fisher December 21, 2007
David, long time no see – no good.
David Flaherty December 21, 2007
Steriods and baseball are a noxious cocktail best left for losers to order at cheap gin joints near the Port Authourty . Welcome back.
Richard Allen December 22, 2007
Glad to see you back David. Great drawings as always
Mike Moran December 22, 2007
Glad your back!