Anti War Art
posted: January 7, 2008
"Dance of Death" 22"X32" Ink & Brush, Watercolor...
At this point in time, all I have is this poor repro of my contribution to the Artist's against the War show. For a better look at the ugliest elephant ever drawn (my infamous claim) you'll just have to turn out to the opening Wednesday evening. See you there!!!
randy enos January 7, 2008
David, I was very moved by this piece when I saw it on the web-site. One of your best. That worn out, decrepit, wrinkled, scaly elephant says it all....BRAVO. And the skeletons dancing in the blood that is Iraq....brilliant! Frances', yours and Marshall's are my favorites in the show. I can't wait to see the original.
Bob Staake January 7, 2008
BEST chinese red of the day, david!
Joe Ciardiello January 7, 2008
Strong piece David. I look forward to seeing it (and you) on Wed.
Marc January 7, 2008
Great piece, David. Wish I could make the show, but I'll be thinking of you guys on Wednesday.
David Gothard January 8, 2008
Randy- Thanks for the warm words, but your contribution to the show stood my hairs on once frightening and beautiful. Bob- I didn't want the image to go all Roger Corman with "Buckets of Blood", so i chose a more unlikely red. Joe- Thanks. Looking forward to catching up with you. Marc- You'll be missed. As always, love your image. DG
Zina Saunders January 8, 2008
Very cool, Dave. Great to see your art on Drawger again.
Thomas Kerr January 13, 2008
Not sure if it is the most feculent-evil GOP elephant I ever saw, but it is up there. Kind of a J. Ensor vibe going on in the picture. Good to see you back a' blogging.