Fire Breathing
posted: May 5, 2008
A recent visit to Coney Island undoubtedly inspired this concept for today's WSJ editorial drawing. Coney is one of the last remaining places to see a totaly not PC "freak show".
Photos by Julie...
Nathan's French Fries. Worth the trip....
David Gothard May 5, 2008
New York needs this seedy vestige from days gone by. I make a point of visiting at least once a year. For a sense of Coney's place in history, rent the Rick Burns documentary. It is inspiring. Dave - that's me whoofing the french fries - sans beard.
Rob Dunlavey May 5, 2008
What a nifty little illustration!!! But, French fries with a fork?? You are a ketchup man.
David Gothard May 5, 2008
Thanks, Rob. Hey - the only way to dig the fries from the Nathan's deep cup, is with a fork. Otherwise, I agree, fries are finger food (but then I'm not sure I want to touch my food after a day at Coney).
Harry Campbell May 5, 2008
Dave, Great Pics, reminds me of Asbury Park. There is such a strange feeling you get on those boardwalk places when there are no people around, haunting. I haven't been to Asbury in a good long time but last time i went it was down right creepy, but I like creepy. I'll have to plan a pilgrimage. I prefer Boardwalk Fries with vinegar, but those look yummy. Pro illo of course. Harry
Marc May 5, 2008
Nice work, David, and great shots from Coney Island. They better not touch that place—it's a piece of history!
Leo Espinosa May 5, 2008
Love the illo. Great shadows, David.
Mark Fisher May 5, 2008
Smoking art Dave.
Tim O\'Brien May 5, 2008
Hi David, I just ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon which starts in Coney Island. It's such a magical place. This time of year on a Saturday morning it is the place to be. Walk that beach or boardwalk and think of old New York and how great the entire city is. Great photos.
Zina Saunders May 6, 2008
Always great to see your work, David.
David Gothard May 6, 2008
Thanks to Harry, Marc, Mark, leo & Zina, for the warm words. Tim, I've always felt you have not had a complete NYC experience until you've visited Coney.
Scott Bakal May 6, 2008
I think I need to get to Coney Island. Thanks for thr reminder and great illo! Nice pics too.
Randy Jones June 24, 2008
Susann and I went to the Mermaid Day Parade last Saturday, and we had a fantastic day. Some nudity is nice. Some wasn't so nice. It was a perfect beach day. We remember when you had a vegetarian Barbacue when you lived near there.