ENOS: Up in Flames (almost)
posted: June 7, 2006
For the record, The NYTimes is great for starting campfires (especially the biz & real estate sections). Firstly, because there is SO much of it in the Sunday edition. And then there is ALL that bad news. So I reached for it last night as we prepared for some serious marshmellow meltin. Just as the fire caught the smaller kindling, I noticed an Enos about to toast. Realizing the moral and aesthetic crime about to take place, I thrust my arm into the burning pyramid of twigs, risking third degree burns, and saved this beautiful art. Well, slight exageration, but I can only hope that someone might return the favor some day and retrieve my work from the bottom of a bird cage or litter box. Sigh. Nice work Randy!
Robert Zimmerman June 7, 2006
This is great! Back in the day, my favorite thing was seeing a piece of mine, or a friends blowing down the sidewalk or bundled up curb-side. Let it burn baby!
Elwood H. Smith June 8, 2006
Omigod, Randy! I've been using your NY Times pages to line the litter box for years. I am so very sorry! I'll send you the soggy pages as soon as I retrieve them from the huge pile in the back yard. It's just that the cats are HUGE fans of your work and, instead of pissing on the sofa as they've done in the past, they can't resist your artwork--studying your wonderful imagery as they empty their bladders. They seem to prefer my illustrations in the "poop" litter box. Go figure. -E