The Party is Over
posted: October 27, 2008
"The Age of Prosperity is Over" The Wall St. Journal...
This feels like a good time for our collective national conscience to pause and reflect about  the current circumstances. Nothing should come as a surprise, given the neo con philosophies that have goverened us, blind faith in America's big casino - the stock market, and a sense of entitlement that led average citizens to live way beyond their means through credit debt. However, I'm feeling hopeful.  In the context of history, a period of degredation, excess, lack of empathy, and injust followed by an age of compassion and enlightened governing.
Rob Dunlavey October 27, 2008
Beautiful drawing Dave. I hope you're right about the times ahead!
David Flaherty October 27, 2008
That's how i normally dress. We missed you here David! Like the image.
Robert Saunders October 27, 2008
Excellent, Dave. Buddy, can you spare a billion? Notice how the Republicans are now warning of the corrupting aspects of one-party rule. After two terms of rampant GOP abuse of power (Remember Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, the K Street lobbyists, Randy Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney, Ted Stevens, the attorneys-general hiring scandal, Donald Rumsfeld whitewash of Gitmo, George W. Bush's signing statements, Cheney's secret energy hearings, threatening of judges in the Terri Schiavo case...?) I wonder where they got that notion from.
David Gothard October 27, 2008
Thanks for the nice words, guys. Keep hope alive, Rob.
Leo Espinosa October 27, 2008
At the very least, it will be an age packed with great drawings like this one!
Richard Borge October 27, 2008
Nice image Dave. "its always darkest before the dawn" ... hopefully the sun is rising soon.
David Gothard October 27, 2008
Leo- During times of disparity and injustice, artists feel obliged to document the downfall (I'm thinking Grosz, Kollwitz, Daumier, Goya, etc.). Some of my fave drawings are very dark indeed. Thanks Richard. It may be sometime before the sun rises, but first things first, let's hope election day puts on a new path.
Adam McCauley October 27, 2008
Great drawing David, and I completely agree with you (and glad you ended on a positive).