Zombie Politician
posted: June 13, 2009
Newt Gingrich, Zombie politician, groping for media attention with the same old dead ideas. This one for the LA Times.

randy enos June 13, 2009
Perfect and beautifully drawn.
Brian Stauffer June 13, 2009
That detail of the face is amazing on it's own. The likeness is superb. I've always loved the line in your work.
Gothard June 13, 2009
Randy - thank you, sir! Brian - thanks, Newt is easy and transforming him into a zombie is just plain fun.
James Steinberg June 13, 2009
The drawing is sharp as usual, but the color is particularly thoughtful. It's that 'Night of the Living Dead' palette. Half dead/half alive. The whole scenario communicates a lot about the current struggles of Newt's party.
Mike Moran June 15, 2009
I love Zombies, Dave. You sure mailed down the look,feel and the walk!
DG June 15, 2009
Thanks, James. It ran in B&W, like a George Romero still. Hey Mike, thanks...Shawn of the Dead taught us all how to do "the zombie".
Jim Paillot June 15, 2009
I think you've captured Newt's true self on this one. Great zombie. Love the colors you chose for him.