Down on the Farm
posted: September 29, 2009
19th century women write about their abusive marriages to overworked, desensitized farmers. Accounts of rape, physical abuse and incest weave through these stories. For the Hartford Courant.

Yuko Shimizu September 29, 2009
Love this!! And love your banner even more!!! the little bat.. :-)
Alan Witschonke September 29, 2009
Chilling use of color. Very effective.
Victor Juhasz September 29, 2009
Very good. We are so spoiled in these times living in the hemisphere we do. It's hard to conceive how truly harsh and brutal life was "back then".
Stephen Kroninger September 29, 2009
chris mullen September 29, 2009
Powerful art.Life is still brutal.Today
Gothard September 29, 2009
Thanks, all. It was a chilling article to read and called (screamed) out for a lacerating image.
Larry Ross September 29, 2009
Very strong visual and concept, David. And these people probably thought "city folk" were brutal.
Brian Stauffer September 29, 2009
A favorite, for certain. I second Yuko on the banner. I'm pissed it wasn't my idea.
Victor Juhasz September 29, 2009
Yes, I forgot to add a seconded second that the banner is brilliant.
Richard Downs September 29, 2009
This is a really great piece with the limited bits of color and the excellent concept. This is a watercolor?
Kyle T Webster September 29, 2009
This has to be one of the best things I have seen posted in many weeks. Wow.
Marc September 29, 2009
Powerful piece, David.
Gothard September 30, 2009
Thanks for the strong response! I used sepia ink to suggest the past and watercolor, on Strathmore Aquarius watercolor paper.
Robert Saunders September 30, 2009
Boy you are it when it comes to combining great concepts with superb drawing.
Harry Campbell September 30, 2009
Always amazed at your brush control, beautiful image. My mom grew up on a homestead in northern Minnesota and lived that hard dark life, albeit twentieth century. I think we have Hollywood images of bucolic country living, but man that life for women must have been hard and dreary.
Ross MacDonald September 30, 2009
ow! great piece
Nathan (nthnart) September 30, 2009
David, Fantastic piece! Love the concept! And, the bat banner is truly brilliant! Prints in the works?
Jim Paillot September 30, 2009
Powerful solution and execution. her hair and the trees and bushes- I love how the textures all work together.
Cathleen Toelke September 30, 2009
This is outstanding, David.
Doug Fraser September 30, 2009
Very poignant. Nicely done per your usual standard.
Jorge Mascarenhas September 30, 2009
Tim OBrien October 1, 2009
Powerful drawing David. Really strong.
Mark Fisher October 1, 2009
David, your banner is so October and wonderful! The Farm piece is Pow!
Mike Moran October 1, 2009
Everyone has said it all David. On your illustration and new header! I'm glad you posted this.
Gothard October 1, 2009
Again, thanks to all for leaving such generous comments concerning both the image and the header.