Dragons are forever
posted: October 13, 2009
Americans have been paranoid concerning China, well...just about forever. And that's good for me, because  there are few things more fun to draw than dragons. The projections are that China's economy will emerge as the next global super power. More dragons! This, for today's WSJ editorial page.
Kyle T Webster October 13, 2009
Super smart, David, and really nice use of sophisticated color in this drawing. I love it.
Christoph Hitz October 13, 2009
Great collection, smart, entertaining and to the point.
Robd October 13, 2009
I love seeing these all together!
randy enos October 13, 2009
You are the dragon master. Really great concepts as usual. of those looks strangely familiar!
Zina October 13, 2009
You are a Dragon Master!
randy enos October 13, 2009
Hey...I just noticed your new picture at the top of your page. Wonderful...I've got to show this to Leann.
Harry October 13, 2009
These are all really well done, particularly like the one popping teh globe, maybe because he looks fierce. Was just the top spot done for today's WSJ? What were the others for, they appear to be a group.
Gothard October 13, 2009
Thanks everyone. Harry - the top image is in print today. The other images are just a selection from the many dragons I've drawn.
Mike Moran October 13, 2009
Great use of the old fire breather! My favorite is the one dancing with Uncle Sam!
Doug Fraser October 13, 2009
Great dragons, and great character development in each piece.
Chris Whetzel October 13, 2009
You should write and illustrate a dragon children's book! Also, your blog head
Harry October 13, 2009
Well, you certainly have it down. My kids would love these because all kids love dragons.
Larry Ross October 13, 2009
It's fun to see the whole bunch together, Dave. It's a treat scrolling down through them one-by-one!
Mark Fisher October 13, 2009
Great collection David, really enjoyable.
Randy Jones October 13, 2009
Great Dragons. I've got a few dragons in my arsenal, also. I reference Chinese dragons, then Japanese,and finally, Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Let's get together. We spent most of the summer in Canada. I'll be Drawgering soon.
Robert Saunders October 13, 2009
Jeez, David your drawing is marvelous to behold, as always...such comic nuances in these!
Victor Juhasz October 13, 2009
Fun drawings.
Tim OBrien October 13, 2009
Man, you can draw!