Paradise Found
posted: December 5, 2009
Yuko Shimizu December 5, 2009
Wow. Colors and forms there are just spectactular! Nothing like I have ever seen. There are all these places in the world we can go and explore... :-)
flaherty December 5, 2009
Great report! I'll come back and read it all later!
Sara Wood December 5, 2009
I'm chartreuse with envy! I work in a live butterfly exhibit that actually specializes in Costa Rican species, and I so wish that I could see them in their natural habitat. You are a blessed man... thanks for sharing what you saw. :)
fuchs December 6, 2009
ha, i was at that very same beach a few months my phone stolen out of the car ;)
Steve B December 6, 2009
Lucky and generous of you. And great sketches too. This is on my list now!
David Flaherty December 6, 2009
Great fotos and drawings David!
Larry Ross December 6, 2009
What an amazing place this must be. Julie's beautiful pictures and your concise drawings give a great thorough impression of the whole experience. Thanks for sharing!
Harry Campbell December 6, 2009
I've wanted to go to Costa Rica for some time. I can almost smell the damp. Sorry about the SLR. Thanks for sharing the pics.
Adam McCauley December 6, 2009
Awesome David, you deserve it. Looking forward to more of the sketches! ;-) We're setting up a trip down there soon ourselves, I'd love to get some tips from you! We'll be a bit more focused on the surfing down there, but the rain forests too of course. Nice post...
Marsha December 7, 2009
Oh Wow! How absolutely gorgeous. A trip to always remember!
Gothard December 7, 2009
Thanks for the comments! Steve - bump this destination up the list. I met someone in Manzanillo that was raised in Brooklyn on the same avenue and just a few streets down from me. Small world! She had not been back to Brooklyn since graduating high school. Adam - The Carribean coast of CR is for nature lovers and surfers. It's difficult to get to and doesn't have the lavish resorts that the Pacific side has and is relatively unspoiled. Salsa Brava in Puerto Viejo is the surfers preferred place to be. We sat and watched the exchange of surfers all afternoon. When it's time to go, call on me and I'll pass along some tips.
Leo Espinosa December 7, 2009
Mother nature at her best! Glad she shared her beauty with you in such a way, David!
Shout December 7, 2009
amazing, thank u David for this post
Christoph Hitz December 7, 2009
I have very fond memories about my trip to Costa Rica about 16 years ago. I'm so glad to read that paradise is intact and still can be found. Wonderful report, photos and all.
Marilyn December 11, 2009
It was great to have you as our guests! Beautiful pictures and drawings! Love Marilyn & fam