posted: August 29, 2006
It is truly my privilage to share the walls with these guys. eDavid Gallery, 535 Main Sreet, Bethlehem, PA. 18018 ph: 610 814 0369 Reception: Friday, Sept. 29th, 6-8:00pm
David Bamundo August 29, 2006
that's terrific DG! its sure to be one heckuva show! hope they gots big walls for Mr. Smith!
Edel Rodriguez August 29, 2006
David, Thanks for the notice. Looks like a great show.
David Gothard August 29, 2006
Good idea David. DB: The gallery space is magnifico, with nice big walls for Master Jedi Smith to wrap his giant rhino across. Thanks Edel...hopes ya cn make it. DG
David Goldin August 29, 2006
I regret my accordion and I won't be able to attend the opening. I will be chasing bears away from our chickens. Good luck, -D
Jim Paillot August 30, 2006
Wow, I wish I could drop in an see the show. Nice line up of talented folks. Thanks for the heads up. -Jim
Mike Moran August 30, 2006
Dave, What a show. You know if I can't make it to the opening I will still stop by and check it out! Will have to car pool with the Jersey Drawgers.
Larry Ross August 30, 2006
David, This show has to be great with these three artists! I'll make it out for either the opening or on another day. Larry