Today's Rejected sketch
posted: February 28, 2006
Man, thought this would liven up a totally dry (zzzz) biz article for a magazine job. Back to the drawing board to exercise the containment of good ideas. ...
*!*@!**#@!.....and that's all I have to say at the moment.
Robert Zimmerman February 28, 2006
I would have rejected this sketch because I spilled my first cup of coffee this morning, a dog that I know quite well barked at me on the way to the car, a woman in a crowded elevator smelled like a ripe catelope and all my post-it notes fell off my monitor at one time as soon as I sat down and looked at it. I forgot to mention that I also got a ticket for littering and have to go to court for throwing an apple core on the side of the road. So - back to the drawing board, mister!
David Gothard March 1, 2006
Oh yeah Zimm...I can see what kinda boss man you'd be! Us freelancers don't have the luxury of behaving badly. One or two displays of crabby attitude and it's bye, bye. Instead... our option is to kick the cat. Geez - just kidding! Dave G