An Odd illo....
posted: September 6, 2006
This piece illustrates the recently released 911 phone calls. There was no story at the point of assignment, just an author's blurb that said the sounds we will remember are not that of the planes crashing into the buildings, but the last calls made from the burning towers. This is a strange image, I think, but was my initial response . The art director relayed the editor's less than enthusiatic rejection; "looks like a hallmark card". So I sent a few other images along that were of a much graver (such a word?) tone. The editor finally decided he actually likes the first image...a lot. Moral: Take heart....editors are not umpires.
Bob Staake September 6, 2006
i love it, david!
Tim OBrien September 6, 2006
Great image! Really great.
Bob Staake September 6, 2006
you know, i bet in my career i've illustrated over 150 hallmark cards, and if hallmark cards LOOKED like that, i'd STILL be doing hallmark cards.
David Gothard September 6, 2006
Thank you, Sir Bob, for the kind words of support....we are usually not privy to remarks made by editors, unless an exasperated art director forwards them. And thanks Tim. DG
Larry Ross September 7, 2006
Dave, As usual with your work, both of these images hit the mark in a strong graphic manner. They're both terrific! Larry